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Home Cleanup Service For Problem Hoarding – Stop Pulling Your Hair Out!

If you are a San Antonio Texas resident and have a hoarding problem or know someone who is a hoarder, I can help you sort through your things. My name is Ashley Sprague and I run Honeydochores in north side of San Antonio Texas. I can come to your home or anywhere you need old stuff to be either organized or hauled away.I created Honey do Chores because I like helping people. 


Honey Do Chores

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To some people there’s little distinction between hoarding and collecting things. Both have been going on for centuries and both result in the owner having an
abundance of unwanted things or junk.

But hoarding is generally done for either the face value of the item itself or the market price of the materials
the junk or item is made from. And collecting is done for the artistic value of the junked pieces.

Hoarding everything and anything has been around longer than you think. For as long as available or free junk items have been easily available,
people have been hoarding them. Junk or souvenir collecting as we realize it today, is thought to have originated around the 20th century. It was once related to as the hobby of people with mental disorders.

At that time in history, most people were too busy trying to feed and cloth themselves and their families to worry about a collected item as artistic value. Today, junk or unwanted stuff collecting is something everyone can participate in. Although cost is not a factor, small or specialized collections of things may be easily found anywhere.

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Hoarding clean up services for San Antonio home owners. Hoarders help by Ashley Sprague. Let us help rid your home of hoarding clutter. Free consultation at your home. We'll help you sort through the mess and get your house cleaned up.